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At A & A we strive to build homes based on 3 key attributes. Homes that are Sustainable, Practical & Healthy to live in.

Everyone builds One Home in their life time. Although some may build multiple houses.

How Important Is It to Ensure the Home You Build Is Sustainable?

A home where you don’t continuously spend money on major maintenance, or keep making changes to suit your family’s changing life style.

Talk to us to find out how to do this, whilst still working within your budget.

How Important Is It to Ensure the Home You Build Is Practical?

A home where you are ensured that the space is used efficiently and enjoyed by your entire family.

Talk to us to find out how to do this, whilst still working within your budget.

How Important Is It to Ensure the Home You Build Is Healthy to Live in For Your Family?

A home with no long-term health hazards, or safety concerns.

Talk to us to find out how to do this, whilst working within your budget.

About Us

A & A International Holdings provides end-to-end construction solutions to those aspiring to build on their own land, followed by an unmatched after sales service.

Our management team collectively boasts of over 70 years of experience in various facets of the industry from construction to property development and real estate.

Our construction solutions are not limited to homes. Our expertise enables us to provide ‘design & development’ solutions for apartments and commercial buildings, villas and hotels.

Everyone has a picture of their ideal home in mind! Our Vision is to bring that picture to life!

Our mission is to ensure that our clients gain a unique experience that’s built on transparency, reliability and ethics, equipped with the highest level of professionalism.

Our Services

Land inspection and Recommendations

We carry out free land inspections and provide recommendations on the said land and advise you on your options as to what you can build on that particular land.

Architectural Design

We design your space through our experienced team of chartered architects, including council drawings and all other relevant drawings required to build.

Local Authority Approvals

We obtain all local authority approvals, all clearances required and utility connections on your behalf. Further, we could assist you in all bank loan documentation pertaining to your land and construction, should the need arise.


We provide the full construction service, from foundation level to a ready to move in space.

Interior Design

Our team of interior designers will provide you a complete interior design plan, based on your tastes, desires and budget. We can also bring this design to life, should you require us to do so.

After Sales & Maintenance

We provide a one-year free defects liability period and a ten-year structural warranty. Thereafter, we provide long term maintenance services at a nominal cost with complete convenience and professionalism.

Build a Sustainable Home on Your Own Land

Why Us

Our wealth of experience in the construction industry guarantees efficiency and safety whilst adhering to stringent quality standards in design & development.

As we are determined not to cut corners, make detrimental exceptions or take unnecessary risks, we thrive on delivering value for money whilst meeting required environmental standards.

We are committed to delivering superior quality construction solutions island-wide, customized to each client.  Our independence as a contractor enables us to select from a variety of products and suppliers in accordance with customer needs and preferences.

We believe in quality over quantity. Hence, we only undertake a limited number of projects per annum in order to maintain the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail.

You will be at all times kept fully appraised of the progression of your project when you build with us. We install CCTV cameras at your site and provide you the luxury of viewing the progress of your project from where ever you are in the world.

Our after-sales & maintenance service is second to none, providing a one-year free defects liability period and a ten-year structural warranty. Additionally, we also provide our clients long term maintenance services at a very nominal rate.

How We Bring Your Vision to Life

The Design

  1. Once you have decided to entrust us to build for you, you sit with our panel of Chartered architects and brief them on your requirement. Thereafter, we will provide you the initial concept floor plan. You may change this as many times as you wish until you are finally satisfied.
  2. Once you have finalized and approved the floor plan, our architects will draw the council drawing required for approval.

Local Authority Approval

  1. Once the council drawing is ready, we submit this for approval at the relevant local authority.
  2. Whilst your plan is in approval process, our architects complete all other drawings required for construction i.e., Structural drawings, door/window drawings, electrical and plumbing drawings, roof drawings and all other relevant drawings.
  3. During this time, we also provide you a draft of the construction agreement, which you can run by your lawyers for their recommendations if you wish to. This agreement includes, the agreed construction price of your home, construction period, payment plan etc.

Signing of The Construction Agreement

  1. Once we have received the council approval and our architects have completed all the working drawings, we sign the construction agreement.
  2. After signing the agreement, you may provide us the date and time for the foundation stone laying ceremony.

Commencement of Construction

  1. We commence the construction the same day the foundation stone is laid.
  2. Our team conducts regular construction progress meetings, which you are free to attend.
  3. Periodic pictorial updates are sent to you, keeping you informed of the progress of the construction.
  4. You are also provided access to the CCTV cameras installed at site, providing you the luxury of monitoring the progress of your construction from where ever you are in the world.

Handing Over

  1. Upon completion of construction, you would be required to attend the inspection meeting.
  2. Once the inspection is completed and you are satisfied with the final product, you are required to make the final payment according to the agreement and take over possession.
  3. At the time of handing over, we provide you all the warranty certificates of the fittings and fixtures, all keys and any other documentation pertaining to the project along with the Certificate of Conformity (COC).

Build a Sustainable Home on Your Own Land

Recent Projects

Meet Our Management Team

Our management team collectively boasts of over 70 years of experience in various facets of the industry from construction to property development and real estate.

Anshal Ambawatte

Managing Director

Anshal started off his career as a banker and entered the Real Estate industry in 2005 when he joined Ceylinco Housing & Real Estate.

Thereafter he moved to Kelsey Homes as Head of Sales & Marketing, before assuming duties as Head of Marketing at Prime Residencies.

With 15 + years in the industry he took up the role of General Manager at Havelock City and a consultancy role at The Flemington prior to assuming duties as Managing Director at A & A.

Chanaka Hettiaratchy

General Manager

Chanaka has over 20 years of industry experience. His career started off at Kelsey Homes, and then joined Ceylinco Housing & Real Estate as a Sales Manager.

He then moved to the concrete jungle of Doha, Qatar, where he worked at Al Asmakh Real Estate Development company.

Upon his return, he took up the role of Head of Sales at Edirisinghe Trust Investment Homes and later was Head of Sales, Marketing & Operations at The One Property Management and Construction.

Thereafter he joined Havelock City, before taking up duties as General Manager of A & A.

Sudath Siriwardena


Sudath possesses over 35 years of experience in the Construction and Real Estate industry. He started his career at John Keells Housing and later was a part of the Management team at Kelsey Homes.

Sudath then served as the General Manager at Ceylinco Housing & Real Estate.

He was then appointed as CEO of Prime Residencies, where he played a key role in the company’s shift from a reputed real estate company to a leading Apartment developer in the country.

He then migrated to Australia and lived there for 7 years and is now back in Sri Lanka and functions as a consultant at A & A and Managing Director of Deeds properties.

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